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Go Paperless with Signatura's
e-Signature solutions

Signatura’s electronic signature solutions allow contracts, agreements, forms, or any document, to be signed electronically using signature pads, payment terminals, Apple and Android devices or digital certificates.

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Hardware Products

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efficient future

Capturing a biometric handwritten e-signature requires specialised capturing devices. Whether you require a fixed desk or mobile solution, Signatura offers a wide range of e-signature tablets from leading tablet manufacturers.

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Professional Services

In Every Market There's a Leader

With more than 12 years experience in the e-signature market, Signatura is one of the leading electronic signature providers in Southern Africa. We not only provide out-of-the-box products, but we also build bespoke and specialised solutions. From the analysis of your current processes to systems deployment, Signatura's experience and expertise will deliver the most suitable solution for your business.

About Us

Signatura differentiates itself from its competitors by maximising the value we deliver to customers.

We Achieve This In The Following Ways:

Goal Signatures


We concentrate strictly on our core market: electronic signature and related technologies, are our focus

Understanding our customer's business

We aim to understand the intricacies of our customer's business processes and operational environment in order for us to truly identify the optimum solution. We conduct several workshops with our customers ensuring that they have a full understanding of our proposals, the advantages as well as the limitations.

Offering exceptional products

We strive to market products, reliable and backed by world-class manufacturers. We endeavour to match the current and future needs of our customers with the capabilities of our product offerings.

A partnership approach

We believe our success is based on a win-win scenario. This approach is taken with our suppliers as well as our customers.

Our successful projects and satisfied customers are testament to our dedication in achieving our objectives.

Environmental Responsibility

Signatura's solutions dramatically reduce paper consumption.

Environmental Responsibility

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