Electronic Signature Pads

Signatura offers a wide range of signature capturing devices from cost-effective, robust, non LCD e-signature pads, through monochrome and colour LCD e-signature pads, to interactive pen-enabled monitors.

All devices are supplied by leading global manufacturers, including warranties, and are proven in various industries all over the globe.

Wacom - Signature Pads

Wacom has established itself as the global leader in the world market for pen tablets and a pioneer in the development of the pen as a computer input device.

Wacom signature tablets are used in various areas where a digital workflow and a high level of security is important.

The tablets are installed in many different scenarios such as POS, e-Payment, insurance, banking and hotel check-in.

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WACOM STU-430 LCD Signature Tablet

Ideal for mobile use: thin, small & robust

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WACOM STU-540/541 Signature Pad

Most advanced and robust color LCD signature pad.


Wacom - Pen Displays

Wacom Pen Displays enable to write, draw, or sign directly on screen with biometrically accurate and beautifully rendered digital ink.

Handling electronic forms and communicating complex concepts is as easy with Wacom Pen Displays as it is with pen and paper.

And all the time, users can quickly and easily navigate around their favourite software applications thanks to the familiar mouse functions of the Wacom electronic pen.

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Perfect for e-document viewing, editing and signing in portrait mode.

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The new standard for efficient e-document workflows.


Topaz - Signature Pads

Topaz provides a wide variety of signature capture pads.

The complete Topaz product range includes highly reliable and cost-effective electromagnetic digitizing tablets and low-cost touchpad options including e-signature software plug-ins for MS Office and Adobe.

Topaz - Non-LCD signature pads

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TOPAZ SigLite 1x5 Electronic Signature Pad

Space and Cost Efficient

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TOPAZ SigGem 1x5 Electronic Signature Pad

TOPAZ SigGem 4x5

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TOPAZ SigLite 1x5 Slim Electronic Signature Pad

Slim and Portable.

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TOPAZ SigGem 4x5 Electronic Signature Pad

TOPAZ SigGem 4x5


Topaz - LCD signature pads

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TOPAZ SigGem LCD 1x5 Electronic Signature Pad

Versatile pen-input system for the capture of signatures.

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TOPAZ SigGem LCD 4x3 & SigLite LCD 4x3 Electronic Signature Pad

Versatile electronic signature capture system with integrated electronic display.

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TOPAZ SigLite Colour 4.3Electronic Signature Pad

An advanced biometric electronic signature pad with hi-resolution.

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TOPAZ SigGem colour 5.7 Electronic Signature Pad

An advanced biometric electronic signature pad.


How to choose?

A broad range of signature pads from various manufacturers is available on the market. Some companies require basic signature pads, while others require more advanced devices, depending on how the pads are to be used.

Here is a checklist to help you choose the right signature capturing device

Does your process require an LCD screen on the signature pad?

An LCD is needed:

  • Do you require only a black and white LCD or do you need colour? If you want to display your company logo or other advertising on the device, you will probably need a colour display. Some colour pads – e.g. Wacom STU-520 - require a driver installation on the computer.
  • What is the minimum size of the LCD screen (i.e. 800 x 480 pixels) which you need?
  • How quickly and easily can you change the picture that is displayed on the pad?
  • Do you need the possibility to browse the document on the pad? If yes, be aware that you have to send the whole document to the pad before it can be displayed and browsed on the pad. Thus your network infrastructure must allow for that otherwise the signer might have to wait too long until he sees the document on the pad.

The possibility to view documents in typical paper size (A4 or letter format) is needed:

  • Go for a 10 inch or larger colour display
  • Do you need to touch operating by finger?
  • You should check the mounting possibilities if needed?

What kind of pen do you need?

  • The pen should require no battery because otherwise, you will have to change the battery periodically. If the pen uses a battery, then you will want to be able to monitor the remaining battery life so that you will not be surprised at an inconvenient time when the pen stops working and needs a new battery.
  • Especially in point of sales scenarios, the pen should be connected to the signature pad with a pen tether so that it does not get lost.
  • What are the costs for replacing a signature pad pen? Some pens are expensive.
  • Are the pen and the pad suitable for right and left-handers?

Technical Specifications

  • In addition to the x/y position of the pen, the tablet must also record the pressure-flow during the writing process.
  • If you use LCD screens, real-time visualization of the signature on screen is a must.
  • The LCD screen should only react to the pen and not to accidental touches by the hand or finger.
  • The used sensors should have a long life and should not wear off as a result of scratches or mechanical impacts. For some manufacturers, touch sensors are wear parts and thus not covered by the guarantee.
  • The tablet should be USB-powered. In special scenarios, where no USB port is available, you might need a serial accessory kit.
  • The sampling rate should be a minimum of 100 points per second.
  • The pen pressure levels should be at least 256 levels (not interpolated).
  • The screen resolution should be at least 600 LPI (not interpolated).
  • You should expect a coordinate accuracy of ± 0.5 mm (center).
  • An LED that indicates the operation mode (Off / No connection to a computer, Stand-by, Signature recording) can be helpful.
  • You might want an option for data encryption between the signature tablet and the PC.
  • In high-security scenarios, you might go for signature pads where the encryption of the sensitive signature row data takes place on the pad, rather than in the unsafe “computer” environment.
  • You should check the mounting possibilities if needed.

Defect rate

  • Fewer than three percent of signature tablets are proven to be defective within one year of delivery.

Availability of spare parts

  • Expect guaranteed availability of the product for at least two years after the first delivery.
  • Expect guaranteed availability of spare parts for at least five years after the first delivery.

The Significant e-signature software solution is a device-independent solution, meaning it enables the use of a broad range of signature pads from various manufacturers. As some companies require basic signature pads, while others require more advanced devices, a signature pad independent solution offers the necessary flexibility and leads to improved satisfaction rates since each customer integrating this solution can choose the signature pad that fits their needs most.

Environmental Responsibility

Signatura's solutions dramatically reduce paper consumption.

Environmental Responsibility

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