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SIGNATURA provides complete solutions to deliver electronically signed documents achiving secured and paperless processes.

To improve the efficiency of business processes, many industries have implemented automated workflow procedures. As a result, electronic documents are intensively used in multiple business processes until a signature is needed on a document. At this point typically a hard copy original is printed which interrupts the electronic workflow and reintroduces paper into the process.

Signatura's e-signature solutions eliminate the need for the production of paper by providing the means to sign documents electronically, thereby providing a legally binding electronic original.

By introducing e-signatures your business will benefit from the following:
Massive cost reduction through the elimination of paper
Enhanced efficiency as your processes remain fully electronic
Improved customer satisfaction by providing faster service

With thousands of e-signature stations in production, Signatura is the leading provider of e-signature solutions in South Africa.

e-Signatures: how does it work (90 Seconds Overview)


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Signatura's solutions
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