SIGNificant Client

To sign a PDF document, simply open it in the SIGNificant Client or create a document on the fly and print it to the SIGNificant Client thereby converting it to PDF.
Next, apply your handwritten biometric signature using a signature tablet. The biometric data of your signature dynamics are embedded in the document and sealed with a digital signature or alternatively
Digitally sign documents with our customizable seal imprint.
The document is now signed and sealed against future modifications and can be viewed and verified by any external user using the free Adobe Reader. The signed document can be stored on your local computer and uploaded to the company s server at a later stage.
Verify documents with a single mouse click!

The SIGNificant Client enables signing and sealing electronic documents by using a broad range of signature capturing devices from various manufacturers, in addition to smart-cards, tokens and software certificates. The SIGNificant Client is especially suited for professionals whose working conditions don t include online connectivity on a regular basis, or for those who wish to work offline.

With SIGNificant you sign electronic documents the same way you would on paper, allowing for a legally binding approval process.


Your Document is Signed!

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