Send and E-Sign Documents with SignAnyWhere

With SignAnyWhere it's easy to to get documents signed and close business on any device. The signer gets an email with a link to your document and signs on smartphones, tablets or any web browser without the need to download anything. You can have multiple signers and get them to sign in the order you need.

Signing is that easy for the recipient:

  • Signers receive an email with a link to the document
  • They click the link
  • There is no need to download or sign up for anything
  • Optionally they can further authenticate themselves
  • They can review and print the document or complete form fields
  • Whenever they are ready, they sign using a mouse or stylus or they "Click to sign" or "Type to sign" from any web-enabled device

Authentication Possibilities

With SignAnyWhere, you can customize the level of authentication needed, which includes passwords, SMS passcodes or social media IDs.

Receiving a PIN by SMS or Email

A signer self-authenticates using a PIN code that has been sent to a user-specified cell number or email address. SignAnyWhere logs all the steps, from the sending of the PIN code to the entry of the PIN into the website, in an embedded audit trail.

Authentication Using a Social Media ID

A signer self-authenticates using third-party authentication services (e.g. Facebook).

E-Signing Possibilities

Sign by Name (Type2Sign)

Users can sign by entering their name. Optionally, the name can be provided to the authentication system by a backend system for comparison. The audit trail will show what the user entered and from where.

Sign by Click (Click2Sign)

The user signs by clicking an “I agree” checkbox. The audit trail will show when the user clicked “I agree” and from where.

Sign using a Mouse or Stylus

The users draw their signature on a smartphone or tablet with a stylus or use their mouse.

Audit Trail

SignAnyWhere automatically records and stores the details of each transaction, so you can view and record every step. The system can accept and integrate external audit trail data into the audit logs.


SignAnyWhere is compliant with U.S. and international e-signature laws. All site traffic and data access are performed over a secure HTTPS channel. You can deploy it on-premises behind an organization's firewall. xyzmo also offers e-signature services on the cloud.

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