SIGNificant Kiosk Mode 4 Signature Displays - 
Interactive customer communication, advertising and e-signature capturing at the Point of Sales / Service (POS)

Using stylus-based displays or screens at the POS offers many advantages (e.g. customers can read documents on the display, capture electronic signatures and use the display for advertising) but requires specialised software to make use of all the advantages such displays can offer.

Due to their big display sizes (typically 10 inch or more) the main advantages of stylus-based displays are to allow customers to comfortably read documents and to show picture slide shows or videos for advertising/marketing purposes. Common electronic signatures pads not only have a much smaller display but also the response time between e-signature pads and a PC is much slower. Therefore it is nearly impossible to show high resolution pictures or advertising videos on such pads.

On the other hand, by using a second PC screen, the problem will occur that the screen will be recognized by the operating system as a second screen which is using a stylus as an additional input device. In a typical POS scenario whereby the second screen is used to capture a customer’s signature, every time the customer touches the screen with the stylus, the mouse focus is shifted to the second screen. It is furthermore very complex and training intensive to display documents on two screens.

All the above mentioned problems can be solved with the SIGNificant Kiosk modus. Simultaneous customer and employee input interactions will no longer interfere. In addition, a separate “preview” window is active on the employee screen, displaying what is happening on the second screen to allow the employee to assist the customer. Especially if there is a bigger distance between the two screens, this functionality is extremely helpful. If there are no active documents waiting to be signed by the customer, the second screen automatically switches into “advertising mode” and displays pre-defined advertising slides or clips.




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