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Wacom has established itself as the global leader in the world market for pen tablets and a pioneer in the development of the pen as a computer input device. Wacom signature tablets are used in various areas where a digital workflow and a high level of security is important. The tablets are installed in many different scenarios such as: POS, e-Payment, insurance, banking and hotel check-in.

Wacom Signature Tablets

WACOM STU-300 LCD Signature Tablet

WACOM STU-300 LCD Signature Tablet

Ideal for mobile use: thin, small & robus

The STU-300 LCD Signature Pad offers a quality 4" monochrome display. With its small, compact design and durable, robust quality, this capture device is well-suited for professionals working with digital documents that require customer signatures.

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WACOM STU-430 LCD Signature Tablet

WACOM STU-430 LCD Signature Tablet

Ideal for mobile use: thin, small & robus

The STU-430 is a small and robust, extremely durable signature pad. Its 4.5" monochrome screen is large enough to capture longer signatures as well as to accommodate soft buttons in addition to the signature area. The transflective LCD can easily be read in varying light conditions.

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WACOM STU-530 Colour LCD Signature Tablet

WACOM STU-530 LCD Signature Tablet

Colour and is thin, small & robus

With its 5’’high resolution colour LCD screen, the STU-530 is the ideal signature pad for use at the POS or customer contact point. In addition to capturing handwritten signatures, it can be utilized for branding, marketing or advertising purposes, making it a valid marketing tool also. The Wacom pen can be tethered to the pad to prevent loss. The STU-530 is made for heavy stationary use especially at counters and check-out systems.

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Wacom Interactive Pen Display Monitors

WACOM DTU-1141 Interactive Monitor

WACOM DTU 1141 Interactive Monitor

Brings detail, accuracy and efficiency

The DTU-1141 is the leading eDocuments and eSignature solution in Wacom's portfolio. This is a unique product that combines a 10.6" Full HD resolution LCD, state-of-the-art encryption, and power from just one USB cable, to provide an ideal document viewing and signing experience.

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