WACOM sign&save Bundles

With sign&save Wacom introduces its first signature solution for small and medium businesses. sign&save is an easy to handle plug & play signature capturing solution, combining hardware – a Wacom STU LCD signature tablet – and the Wacom sign I pro PDF software in one product to enable smaller companies to integrate digital signatures into their workflow.

sign&save (STU-500)

Sign and Save STU500 Bundle

sign&save, consisting of the STU-500, a robust high-end signature tablet developed for day-to-day use at public counters, very compact yet big enough to display your company logo and Wacom’s sign I pro PDF software. It is designed for capturing signatures, especially for smaller businesses with one or more branches.

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sign&save mobile (STU-300)

Sign and Save STU300 Bundle

sign&save mobile, consisting of the WACOM STU-300, a high-end electronic signature tablet for complete mobility and Wacom’s sign I pro PDF software. Compact, robust and lightweight it is ideal and comfortable for anyone who works frequently with documents while on the move.

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