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Founded in 2001, StepOver has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of handwritten electronic signature solutions. Their complete range of LCD electronic signature pads is provided with a unique certificate for the digital signing process (2048 bit RSA private key), with which the internal signature creation unit signs the document in a completely safe way. Furthermore, with this certificate the person examining the signed document can precisely assign the signature to a specific signature pad.

naturaSign pad Standard II

naturaSign pad Standard II Signature Tablet

The the perfect entry level LCD signature capturing device

The naturaSign Pad Standard II, featuring an LCD screen and a USB port is a top of the range product, for mobile usage.

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naturaSign Pad Mobile

naturaSign Pad Mobile Signature Tablet

Robust for use on the move

With the naturaSign Pad Mobile, the StepOver development team have taken note of the growing trend for ever-larger displays to enable convenient, easy handling. The naturaSign Pad Mobile is specifically developed for the demands of mobile usage.

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naturaSign Pad Comfort

naturaSign Pad Comfort Signature Tablet

Setting the standard for mobile use

The naturaSign Pad Comfort has been specially designed to meet the demands of use whilst on the move, such as in field service. Thanks to the brilliant TFTs, extremely flat design (under 1 cm thin) and rounded edges, the naturaSign Pad Comfort is a highly compact yet stable and comfortable device.

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naturaSign Pad Flawless

naturaSign Pad Flawless Signature Tablet

Perfect for stationary and mobile use

The naturaSign pad Flawless with brilliant colour screen has been specially developed for use while stationary and sets new design standards! Thanks to the extremely flat design (less than 8 mm thick), the naturaSign Pad Flawless doesn’t just shine on the desk or counter - it even copes brilliantly with the demands of mobile use.

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naturaSign Pad Colour

naturaSign Pad Colour Signature Tablet

The best for customer service counters

Thanks to its extremely flat design (1.1 cm height), the naturaSign Pad Colour will not only be the shining point of any counter, but it can also be used in the most demanding portable services. In combination with the asymmetrically displaced screen, the construction of this pad offers unmatched ergonomics to the user, both left- and right-handed.

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